Graduated in 2009 from « l’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique » (Nantes, France) in Interaction Design, I specialize in product development, UI design, UX design, interactive design, graphic design. I am also involved into the thinking of personal data management and proper ways to add value to its usages, taking into consideration the evolution of technology.

I like to be integrated into multidisciplinary teams, to have various challenges; each new experience becomes for me a new goal to achieve. With a strong expertise in Mobile, Web and new wearable devices, I constantly discover new areas of design and different ways of working. Design bubble evolves continuously and a designer has to keep himself up to date and to be prepared to learn for nearly every new projects.

I am focusing on creating engaging and highly functional user experiences. Being myself a tech-savvy with little patience, I want the use-cases and the journey to be the closest to the user needs and expectations

In short, I vowed to fight ugly interfaces and battle confusion in all forms.


Because every design starts first great insights, the concept is what give the keys to the user to understand what he have to do. If it’s not obvious to him, the reading has to be clarified.


To communicate an idea it’s essential to be able to make it visual. Through mockups, drawings or even story telling, it’s what give the users to understand the story the business is telling them.


Giving UI to a project is also giving it a personality, that’s why I grant the user interface a special attention because now each interface must be adapted to its device and especially its environment


It’s not just about numbers and conversions. It’s about understanding the users and knowing how to engage them at the right time in the right place.


I’ts not only conception, it’s also to get a full understanding of the company and its clients. It’s a complex process not without retouches to reach a common goal.


User Experience is the fundamental part of the designed architecture. Building it is all about giving a balanced add-value between what the user need and what the business want.